To add an event to the Events calendar:

  1. On the black “Admin Bar” at the top of the page, hover over Events and select Add Event.
    Events > Add Event menu item
    Note that you can also select + New > Event which does the same thing:
    New > Event menu item
  2. Enter the Event Title and Description. Note that you won’t usually include the date and time or location in this section since they are specified below. For example:
    Sample New Event with Title and Description
  3. Enter the Date and Time of the event. For example:
    Sample Event Date and Time
  4. Choose a Venue for the event. Often, just typing in a few letter of the venue name will call up a pre-defined venue entry that you can select. For example:
    Sample Event Venue Search
    If an appropriate venue does not come up, you can create a new venue. But please be sure it’s not already on the list!
  5. Optional: Add a Featured Image for the event. This gives visual appeal to the event. Select the “Set featured image” link:
    "Set featured image" link
    From the Media Library window you can either select an image that’s already on the site or click on the Upload tab to upload the photo from your computer or drag and drop it to the Media Library.
    Featured Image selected
    See “How to Add Photos” for more information.
  6. Optional: Add other event information. For example, Organizer, Website URL, etc.
  7. Press “Publish” to publish the event on the website.
    Selecting the "Publish" Button
  8. Select “View Event” to see your new event.
    Selecting "View Event"

You should now see you event in all its glory:

A Sample Event

If you need to make any corrections or updates to the event, you can always edit it.

The Edit Event link