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“How to” use the Village Hill Community (VHC) website. Includes step-by-step instructions for common tasks.

How to Add Hyperlinks

Often when you are writing a post or forum item, you may want to link to another site or article. While it might be tempting to just paste the URL (e.g. "") into the text, it is much more professional and in the spirit of the web to add a proper hyperlink instead (e.g. "the [...]

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How to Add an Event

To add an event to the Events calendar: On the black "Admin Bar" at the top of the page, hover over Events and select Add Event. Note that you can also select + New > Event which does the same thing: Enter the Event Title and Description. Note that you won't usually include the date [...]

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How to Add Photos

Members can add photos to our site. In general, they can be added either directly to the Media Library (to be used later) or as part of creating a post (where you can add them dynamically to the Media Library). How to Add Photos to the Media Library To add one or more photos to [...]

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How to Get Started as a New Member

Here’s our quick-start guide to how to get started with this website… When you log in for the first time you will see a screen that looks like this. Notice your name, the round circle for your Profile Photo (#1), the rectangle for your Cover Photo (#2) with a plus sign and the little gearbox [...]

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How to Upload Files

Members can upload files that are of general interest to the community. We ask that files be put in a folder representing the person or group responsible for the file. That should answer the question "Who can we ask to delete this file?" if needed. It would be either the current group leadership or a [...]

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